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Keys Type Trainer for Mac
You can learn to type with all fingers, without conscious effort. This Mac application will guide you to learn and master touch typing. Express your thoughts more freely with less stress, and strengthen your online voice.
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Min. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion
When writing an email, a novel, code, or a love letter, you need your whole mind. If you can put down your thought into writing without the need to look down at the keyboard and find the key your mind is freed from that unnecessary task.
Each key should always be typed by the same finger. To learn that you need to practice and make the right movement enter muscle memory. After a while the process of typing stops entering your mind altogether. That goal is the reason Keys app is here.
It never has been as important to write as today. And writing means typing most of the time. Decide today to stop struggling with the means and to master typing, so that you can work without dropping out of the flow. That way dreams come true.
Write emails, comments, ideas, essays, and code. Don’t look for the perfect environment or occasion, but prepare yourself to be ready any time. You don’t need to know everything, but your key skills should be something you can rely on.
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The philosophy behind Keys is simple. Select any lesson at any time, without the program forcing a learning pace onto you. Don’t fight or trick it into doing your training the way you want it to. Keys is like a training room for your typing skill, just being space for you to work on your typing. No typing games, no non-sense.
Screenshot detail showing finger movement indicator
Learning to type means mostly following one rule: each key belongs to one finger that is responsible for typing it. The finger movement help displayed by the application shows exactly how the finger has to move to reach the specific key. When you press the key, it is highlighted. That way you see if you have hit the right one. When you don’t need this help any longer, just turn it off.
Screenshot detail showing finger movement indicator and other finger areas displayed
For more orientation on the keyboard and to memorize the finger’s areas more easily, turn on additional finger areas.
Screenshot with sheet running showing performance over time (typing speed and error rate) over time as line charts
Review your performance and dispel doubts that accompany any sustained effort by looking at the charts analyzing your progress over time. Error rate and typing speed, the two key indicators making the jump to typing blindly, will show nicely in context.
Screenshot with heatmap in the running sheet
Screenshot detail of heatmap with performance number for a selected key
Drill down into your typing, key by key. You can see the most important figures, like the error rate shown here, down to that single key — either for the last attempt, or longer periods.


  • With 24 Lessons that cover more and more of the keyboard in small steps
  • Free switching between lessons to set you own training pace
  • Unobtrusive training area with key performance figures
  • Automatically paused time measurement and metronome when keyboard is not used, in case you are distracted for a moment
  • Metronome that helps keeping a regular pace while practicing by playing a tick sound. The tempo can be adjusted to fit your training level.
  • Display finger movement for the next character in the lesson
  • Display the keyboard area for next finger
  • Optionally continually show the areas of all finger for orientation
  • Quit the application at any point in the training and restart from where you stopped automatically
  • Visualized performance review accessible at any time, or after you complete the blue progress bar
  • Performance visualized as line chart and keyboard heatmap in training review
  • Training instructions as 5 simple steps
  • Currently only supports U.S. keyboard layout
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